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Quality Control Test

Fire extinguisher quality control testing is required to perform general quality checks. General characteristics of fire extinguisher, measurement and quantity accuracy are checked. The fire extinguisher is made up of many components and must be of good quality so that these components do not adversely affect fire fighting performance. If valves, hoses, sheet metal, extinguisher material, pressure ratio, fire extinguisher cylinder sizes are faulty, fire fighting performance decreases and more dangerous results can be obtained.

Quality Control Parameters

Below are parameters controlled in the general quality control process of the fire extinguisher:


Production of the plate according to the quality standards is important for durability and sealing of sheet metal. Capillary cracks must not be produced in the production of the sheet which is exposed to processes such as drawing, rolling, welding.


Fire extinguishers shall be of a predetermined weight during the design process. Producing from the right materials, filling with the right amount of material affects the weight of the fire extinguisher. Weight can cause adverse effects such as pressure and strength.


The diameter of the cylinder, the length of the hole diameter should be in accordance with the design. In the productions made within the tolerances, this should not be a problem, but statistical quality control should be done.


Check the pressure of the material inside the fire extinguisher with the pressure gauge connected to the valve. If the desired pressure is low or high, it causes negativity.

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