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The painting process is made for producing different color materials and extending their useful life of materials. There are different methods of painting such as coating and spray painting.

Painting line is part of the fire extinguisher production. This process is applied to paint the characteristic colors of tubes. The inner surface coating is a process that is applied only for aqueous type fire tubes. It is preferred to prevent the oxidation of the aqueous types by reacting with the metal for a long time. The strength of the paint is related to its ability to hold onto the surface. Therefore, the surface cleaning process is performed before painting and paint are kept to the surface in the best way. Any dust or roughness on the surface affects paint quality. The smoother the surface, the longer the paint will be used.

Fire Extinguisher Tube

Fire Extinguisher Surface Preparation And Coating Units

Below, lines that carry out operations related to cleaning and painting of fire extinguishers are explained. These lines are designed specifically for the capacity of customers. All necessary operations are carried out for a long time. It is supplied with oil cleaning unit, spray painting, an inner surface coating unit, furnaces and conveying systems.

Surface Degreasing Unit

During cutting, shaping and welding operations, coolant or oil is used to remove chips from materials and to reduce heat. The surface must be cleaned to ensure that surfaces are integrated with paint and last for a long time.

Sprey Painting Unit

It is spraying the outer surface of the fire extinguisher cylinders with the determined colors and spraying method. Spray painting is preferred because it is fast, efficient and versatile.

Inner Surface Coated Unit

In order to prevent corrosion of water type fire extinguishers, inside of cylinders are covered with special material.

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