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Deep Drawing Machine

Deep drawing is a metal forming process get a metal plate by using a forming mold. When the length of the material exceeds the diameter of the material, the process is called "deep drawing". The deep-drawing process can be carried out on one or more parts in the fire extinguisher production. This process can be applied to many materials such as steel and aluminum.

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In deep drawing processes, material is drawn into a mold by radial tensile forces, while the circumferential compression forces are formed in the area of ​​the draft which has not yet entered. Compression dies are used to ensure that the peripheral compression forces do not cause the material to shrink.


The most important part of this process is deep drawing molds. We make production in quality standards in order to make molds according to tolerances. We design molds according to the dimensions of the fire extinguisher which will be produced by the customers.


We produce presses with a capacity suitable for your daily fire extinguisher production quantity. Thus, your idle capacity won't, and you won't pay unnecessary costs.


The speed of the deep drawing process is influenced by material thickness, material loading type, and final product height. We design presses that provide fast production in accordance with all these parameters.

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