Custom Design

Serigraphy Machine

Screen printing is a printing technique used to transfer ink to a sheet. Used for labeling in fire extinguisher cylinders. The screen printing machine is designed to print on all types of fire extinguisher cylinders and to ensure correct labeling in round areas. Pneumatic driven screen printing machine has smooth and easy installation features and provides an efficient printing process. Printing is done by means of discs equipped with bearings. Several screens are available for multiple color options.


  • A wiper is moved across the screen to fill the open-label pores with ink.
  • This action allows the ink to have instant contact with the substrate.
  • The substrate is wetted with ink and the excess ink is rolled back as the wiper is returned.


  • The advantage of automatic operation is faster printing.
  • Thanks to the round print function, easy suppression of the fire extinguisher rollers is ensured.
  • With the adjustable table, it is possible to press the cylinder in any size.
  • It provides high-precision printing at one time.
  • Thanks to the pneumatic system, it is easy and fast to adjust.

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