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Shot Blasting Machine

Sandblasting is a method used to clean, strengthen or polish metal. Sandblasting has 2 types of technology to be wheel blasting and haba blasting methods. Fire extinguisher cylinders blasting machinery automatically cleans surfaces of cylinders with a burst of gritstone in a closed room.

Thanks to the sandblasting process, the paint adheres better to the surface and corrosion resistance of material increases. Air blast blasting is generally applied in fire extinguisher cylinders surface, and special designs are made for the most efficient operation of this process in terms of energy efficiency.

Shot Blasting Machine | Sandblasting Types


In wheel blasting, it is made an airless blasting process using a wheel with centrifugal force to push the abrasive into parts. It is a high speed and high-efficiency blasting process.


Air blasters are designed for injection of sand through pressure air by a compressor. Blasting materials sent to the system are regained into the circulation.


The wheel burst is more advantage than air blast for large materials to be more easily blasted. Air blasting is preferred as it is less abrasive in fine and sensitive parts sanding.

Shot Blasting
Machine |

  • Blasting Room
  • Moving lower cabin
  • Elevator
  • Compressor
  • Dust collector

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