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Fire Extinguisher Filling Line

Fire extinguisher filling line is used to fill the produced tubes with relevant materials. In order to use tubes for their intended purpose, a fire extinguisher must be provided. In case of fire, the extinguishing agent is sprayed on flames and extinguishes the fire.


Fire extinguishers produced for classes A, B, C, and K may be used for each substance of that class, but Class D fire extinguishers may only be effective for certain types of metals. This will vary depending on the extinguisher to be used. The substance to be filled in the fire extinguisher cylinders varies according to the type of fire.

  • Class A: Wood, paper, rubber, plastic, such as fire occurring in ordinary fires.
  • Class B: Fires occurring incombustible and combustible materials such as gasoline or oil.
  • Class C: Fires in electrical equipment.
  • Class D: Fires in flammable materials such as magnesium, potassium, sodium, lithium.
  • Class K: Fires containing flammable cooking tools and cooking equipment.


Fire extinguishers have different usage areas according to the material they contain, and they are separated according to materials. These are generally 5 types;

Water Extinguisher

Water eliminates heat from the fire and quenches by cooling. It is used in A type fires.

Powder Extinguisher

Powder fire extinguishers can be used in fire types A, B, C, and D. There are two types of powder extinguisher; BC and ABC.

Foam Extinguisher

Foam; It is obtained by a mixture of pressurized water, detergent, and air. It covers the burning surface and prevents air flow. Thus, the flame breaks off with oxygen and steam. Foam is usually used in type B and A fires. It should never be used in water-reactive flammables.

Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher

Carbon dioxide extinguishers can be used for B, C, and E class fires. They are particularly effective in extinguishing electrical equipment fires and do not cause any material damage caused by dry chemicals. Carbon dioxide extinguishers should not be present in hot environments. Otherwise, the gas expands and explodes.

Wet Chemical Extinguisher

Wet chemical extinguishers are used to fight class F fires. They can distribute very high-temperature fires (such as edible oils and fats). They remove the flames, cool the combustion oil, and prevent a flare-up by sticking a structure similar to soap to the surface.

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