Custom Design

L2 Powder Extinguisher Production Line

L2 fire extinguishers are used to extinguish D Class fires. Unlike M2 fire extinguishers, it can also be used for lithium fires. We offer all machines needed to produce L2 fire extinguisher to our standards.

Class D fires are caused by metals such as magnesium and lithium which can easily burn in contact with air.

Sizes of L2 Powder Extinguisher Available

L2 powder fire extinguishers which can be produced in our standard production lines are given below:

  • 8 kg L2 Powder Extinguisher
  • 9 kg L2 Powder Extinguisher

If you would like to produce the above products, please take the quote from us regarding these production lines!

If you want to produce in a different design or capacity, you can share your design or product features with us.