Custom Design


Fire extinguishers are suitable for all types of fire, and they can be used in all areas from small areas such as households to large areas such as factories by filling into with different materials. Fast, efficient and diverse production is required to get a larger share of the fire extinguisher sector.

We aim to develop the most suitable machines for our customers by researching all types of fire and firefighting equipment and by making cost-performance analyzes. We undertake transportation and installation of machinery and equipment prepared by taking into account customer needs.

Our Machinery

Below are all machines and equipment you need to produce a fire extinguisher. This equipment may adjust at different variations according to number, type and need.

Fire Extinguisher Body Production Line

It includes all machines enable fire extinguisher cylinders to be produced using a sheet. Machines for all processes such as cutting, punching, deep drawing, rolling are described on products page.

Fire Extinguisher Welding Line

It includes all welding machines used to bond the fire extinguisher cylinder. Separate and automatic welding machines are available for all sections.

Fire Extinguisher Coating Line

All systems required for cleaning, coating, and painting of fire extinguishers are available on this line.

Fire Extinguisher Filling Line

It includes necessary machines for filling fire extinguishers with different materials according to different types of fire.

Fire Extinguisher Valve Assembling Machine

After the filling process, the valve assembly machine is used to provide the cylinder from closing and prevent material leaking.

Fire Extinguisher Testing Line

Fire extinguishers must be leak-proof and quality to ensure effective performance during the fire. Our test lines make test according to required standards.


Serigraph machine for labeling fire extinguishers and air purging machine are in this section.

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