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Powder Fire Extinguisher Production Line

Powder fire extinguishers can be used in Class A, Class C, electric and metal fires. They have quite a wide range of uses. Powder fire extinguishers can be filled with BC and ABC powders. Filling process is carried out by vacuum pumps and pressure of fire extinguishers is between 12 bar and 14 bar.

We provide all necessary equipment for the production of powder fire extinguishers. For easy transportation, we supply our conveyor system with the production line.

Standard Powder Fire Fire Extinguisher Production

Powder fire extinguisher types produced in our standard lines are shown below. If you want to produce a fire extinguisher other than these types. We can customize machines for you.

ABC Powder Extinguisher Production Line

M28 Powder Extinguisher Production Line

L2 Powder Extinguisher Production Line

If you would like to produce the above products, please take the quote from us regarding these production lines!

If you want to produce in a different design or capacity, you can share your design or product features with us.