Custom Design

Rolling Machine

Rolling machine is used to produce rolling type fire extinguisher cylinder. In this machine sheet, metal sheets are rolled into desired dimensions. Thanks to our rolling machine which is automatically controlled and twisting according to the desired fire tube characteristics, it is saved labor to a large extent.

Rolling Machine Working Principle

There are 3 roller benders in the system. Two of them compress the metal plate between them, while the rear shape roller contacts the metal and the metal is spun. Metal is curved in a cylindrical form. Top roller is in a fixed position, lower roller and forming roller have an adjustable movement to perform and shape holding function. The best advantage of three-roll systems is that they are capable of rolling of many thicknesses and diameters.



Max. Rolling Diameter

200 mm

Min. Rolling Diameter

90 mm

Rolling Thickness

0.5 mm ≤ T ≤ 2.5 mm


380 V, 3 phases, 50 Hz


10 kW

Control Type

Automatic, PLC


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