Custom Design

Painting Unit

Painting unit provides more resistant in external factors of fire extinguishers. This process is done by spraying with a hook on top of the cylinder. Painted cylinders are dried in an oven to adhere to the surface in a healthy way. The spraying method is ideal for painting large areas.

We offer roller-conveying system, painting system and drying system in desired quality within the painting unit. Electrostatic powder coating is used for painting.


The powder coating is done by applying free-flowing dry powder to the material. The main difference with the liquid paint is that the powder coating requires a solvent to hold the binder and the filler pieces in the form of a liquid suspension. The coating is electrostatically applied. It can be powder coating, thermoplastic or thermoset. Powder coating is mainly used for coating metals such as household alums, aluminum extraction, barrel hardware, automobile, and bicycle parts.

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