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Water Fire Extinguisher Production Line

Water fire extinguishers are widely used in offices, shops, and warehouses. It is ideal for combining relatively simple fires with a solid material such as paper, wood, textile. Under no circumstances, water fire extinguishers should be used in fires involving electrical appliances. Because water can cause electric shock. In addition, water is not a good extinguisher for fires containing flammable liquids or gases. Water only extinguishes the flame, and gas or oils are stronger than water. They are especially suitable for Class A fires. Water fire extinguishers can contain different chemicals to increase their effectiveness.

Our company offers water fire extinguisher production lines. You can produce all parts of fire extinguishers in this production line. Water extinguisher production line allows you to produce different sizes of extinguisher tubes.

Standard Water Fire Extinguisher Production Lines

Below are listed our standard production lines where water fire extinguishers are produced.

Water Extinguisher Production Line

Water Spray Extinguisher Production Line

Dry Water Extinguisher Production Line

If you would like to produce the above products, please take the quote from us regarding these production lines!

If you want to produce in a different design or capacity, you can share your design or product features with us.