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Surface Degreasing

In order for a paint layer to be durable, it must first firmly adhere to the metal surface of the paint. This is achieved by surface cleaning. If the surface contains various impurities such as rust, dust, dirt and especially oil, the paint does not stick to the metal surface. Surface cleaning is the basis of the coating quality.

If the paint layer does not adhere fully to the metal surface, water vapor penetrated from the surface can be collected in the unpainted area. In addition, thermal effects and osmosis causes the dye to swell in a short time. The degree of surface cleanliness has been standardized in detail by the Steel Structures Painting Council and the Standardization of Swedish. We set up surface cleaning units in accordance with these standards.


Automatic vacuum degreasing machines ensure safe and economical use of solvents. Cylinders placed in the basket are dipped into solvent and oil is removed. They provide high efficiency with consistent cleaning quality and are easy to use.

  • It has a rotary basket system with dipping, overflow, rinsing and steam cleaning.
  • It provides continuous distillation, filtration, andmaximum cleaning.
  • Fully integrated transport system with automatic conveyors are available.
  • It performs cleaning according to universal standards.


Below are the components of the vacuum degreasing machine:

Solvent Steam Generator

It has a welded sloping base and easy maintenance advantage.

Pre-Wash Unit

This unit is indirectly heated.

Working Chamber

The door of the chamber is locked, and the degreasing process is carried out with a solvent.


Baskets are required for fixing the rollers in the workroom. It is necessary for parts that may be damaged during rotation.

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