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Foam Filling Machine

Foam fire extinguishers are ideal for extinguishing fires classified as A or B. Combined with the cooling effect of water, and the wetting effect of the AFFF component, it provides high quenching performance. In addition, a high rate of oxygen supply is advantageous for Class B fires. The filling process is achieved by mixing water and AFFF or other foam components in the fire extinguisher cylinder.


It is a high-performance fire extinguisher that prevents re-ignition. AFFF solution is generally preferred as foam. foam is an intense composition of air bubbles. The foam is obtained by mixing the mixture of the foam solution and water with air. The foam is lower than the intensity of the burning liquid and prevents the fire from expanding by forming a tight layer of foam on the fire. Preventing fire with foam prevents any gas leakage. Usage areas;

  • Warehouses and archives,
  • Waste recycling facilities,
  • Chemical industries,
  • Ship industry,
  • Minerals and petrochemicals,
  • Farming areas,
  • Animal feed industries

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