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Air Purging Machine

In order to improve the functionality of its equipment, the air purging machine purifies equipment from pollutants in the environment. Air purging systems are used for technologies exposed to gases from an industrial process. Discharging units are central and ensure that systems remain clean during long-term operation.


  • These systems provide more reliable operation and longer life.
  • It has active and passive cooling elements which can reduce the temperature and humidity and can be used in large areas.
  • Thanks to its general purpose use, it can be integrated into all heat absorption systems.
  • Building components are made of corrosion-resistant materials.
  • The electrical control panel provides ease of use and maintenance for operators.
  • Air purging machine has been designed as flexible and low cost.
  • Wide control panels can be used in large areas.

Air Purging Systems

The following describes the types of air cleaning systems according to different application areas:


This method is usually used in smaller storage volumes or in areas where the housing is less required. The biggest advantage is that it has a simple operating system.


Ideal for large enclosure sizes. These systems consume less pressure, resulting in lower cost results. Thanks to its high discharge flow rate, it ensures high capacity air cleaning in a short time.

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