Custom Design

Blanking Machinery

Blanking machine is a machine used to cut cylinder body parts in the desired dimensions. Blanking machine uses a cutting die to cut the sheet. Blanking machine has a discharging system as well as the cutting system. The scrapes and workpieces accumulate in different places and can be easily taken.

Blanking machines can be adjusted in multiple ways according to usage area. Molds are supplied with the machine. We generally prefer hydraulic punching machine in our fire extinguisher production lines. But we can produce different blanking machines according to our customers' requests.


Hydraulic blanking presses are designed to improve efficiency, process reliability, flexibility, and repeatability. The hydraulic system is a particularly preferred machine because it can be easily controlled.

The material feeding system can be supplied coupled with hydraulic blanking press according to the plant area and the roll or straight. Coil car, de-coiler, feeder, straighter material is inside the feeding system. Also, we can supply different mold sets for different types of cutting processes to our customers. The following describes this equipment:



It enables sheet roll to be transported to de-coiler and can be adjusted to the desired height. Coil car is highly simplifies handling.


It allows sheet roll to dissolve. Thanks to the de-coiler, there is no clutter inside the facility.


It provides feeding of the sheet from de-coiler to press.


It straightens the curled sheet to ensure smooth cutting.

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