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Helium Test

The helium test is an efficient method for determining gas leaks. Especially preferred in high production capacity and fast production. Due to the lightweight and advantageous properties of helium gas, gas leaks can be found quickly. With automatic testing equipment, we make special designs to minimize test time and complete the process quickly.

Helium Leak Detector

The helium leak detector is used to locate and measure helium gas that enters or exits the cylinder. The pressure of the leaked helium from the tested part is measured and the result is shown on a counter.


  • A spectrometer for detecting helium mass
  • A vacuum system to maintain pressure inside the spectrometer
  • A mechanical pump for draining the part to be installed
  • Valves for venting, testing and venting detection stages
  • An amplifier and reading device to monitor the output signal
  • Power supplies


  • It's not toxic.
  • I isn't condensing easily.
  • It is not flammable.
  • It has a small atom size.
  • The cost is low.


Leakage checks must be carried out on the inside or outside of the cylinder. For this, the helium leak test can be performed by two main methods.


In the pressure test, the piece is pressurized with helium or a mixture of helium and air. The pressure systems can be filled with helium or a mixture of helium and nitrogen. The leakage test is performed using a Sniffer probe.


In the vacuum test, the part is discharged from a larger volume or a small volume of a detector with a pumping system. Vacuum systems are tested with a portable leak detector. The leak detector is connected to the vacuum pump line. Apply helium to the potential leak zone using a spray probe. If there is a leak, helium enters the system and spreads rapidly.

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