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Fire Extinguisher Welding Line

Welding is used for permanent bonding of metal or plastic materials. It is usually applied to metal or thermoplastic materials. In this method, portions to be joined are melted and a filling material is added to this portion. Then, cooled and cured processes are made. In some cases, welding can be carried out under pressure. There are many different welding methods applied in the production sector. Fire extinguisher welding line is used for connection of produced tube bodies.

The welding line is used to bond ends of the bent sheet and to attach parts together. This line is very important in production because welding prevents leakage of fire extinguishing material must be made very smooth. It is also important that these resources are based on a certain pressure level. If welding machine does not produce correct results, cylinders will become unusable.

Fire extinguishers are produced in 3 pieces in rolling type production; a body formed by bending the sheet, the head and bottom cover formed by the deep drawing method. According to cylinders are formed by the deep drawing method, there can be two welded stage.

Welding Types

A submerged arc source and a gas arc welding can be used to supply the fire extinguisher cylinders. The characteristic feature of these methods is that they use a cover to prevent the welded area from being affected by gases in the atmosphere. In this way, sources will be leak-proof. These two methods are described below:


The submerged arc connects materials with the arc formed between a continuously fed wire and the workpiece. Submerged arc welding machines can be automatic or semi-automatic. This method used in horizontal or horizontal-fillet positions.


Wire electrode which heats up metals to be combined makes using a protective gas. This method requires a constant voltage and a direct current power supply. Mig/Mag welding is ideal for moving and circular welding.


The following describes the welding machines used to create the cylinder in the fire extinguisher production line. For detailed information, you can visit our product pages or contact us.

Bracket Welding Machine

This machine used to weld the lower support compartment of the cylinder. The welding electrode is welded by rotating the cylinder while it is stationary.

Neck Ring Welding

It is the welding machine used to combine the upper ring with the cylinder. Welding is done by rotating metal parts.

Valve Boss Welding

It is a welding machine used to join the head of the cylinder with the couple. Welding is done by holding the welding machine constant.

Body Welding Machine

It is used in the rolling machine to join two edges of the rolled metal. Part remains stationary while the welding machine is moving.

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